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Massage Therapy School
Enjoy the comfortable environment of a small class and  begin your health career in as little as 12 months!
If you are interested in our massage training please call us to schedule a tour.
AW Massage classes are small to ensure that our students receive a top quality education through more hands on experience and individualized care.
AW classes enroll several times a year for both the Day and Eve/Saturday programs.
Why Ancient Wisdom Massage School?
No matter what your situation is, Dennis has the ability to create a personal financial plan so that you can make your dream come true. This same personal one-to-one care continues through out the entire program to ensure you get the proper training and skills. When a student is nearing graduation, AW supports graduates by going over their each student's business plan so that students can take action to achieve their first year goal.
Are you tired of your current job?
The massage therapy health care industry continues to grow in demand as more and more people become aware that preventative therapy is part of everyday living.
Are you looking for a relaxing part-time or full-time career?
AW offers a part-time and full-time program with a schedule to fit our students busy schedules.
Need financial assistance?
Work-study scholarships, VA educational assistance & NE & IA Workforce assistance are options for those who qualify.  With AW the saying is true: "Where there's a will there's a way". You'll be amazed what our financial planning director can do for you!
If you or anyone you know is thinking about Massage as a career, please forward our site information. We appreciate your support.

Got questions? Call us to schedule a tour.