Ancient Wisdom School of Massage - FAQ
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Is giving a massage hard on the therapist?
No. Our students learn how to use proper posture and body weight to assist them in applying massage in an easy relaxing manner. Quite often we get remarks from graduates that our training has improved their own posture and body stance awareness as they continue their therapy practice.
Will I be able to start my own business?
Yes. Upon graduation and successful completion of the National Exam for your state of residence you may then look into the current establishment requirements of that state to set up your own practice.  AW provides a business program that includes how to create a business plan and implement the steps necessary to achieve your goals.
What if I'm new to massage?
 AW provides detailed training and skills so that students learn what it takes to be a confident qualified caring professional massage therapist.
Is there an age limit to attend school?
A person age 17 and older may attend school. Students must be at least 18 years of age upon graduation to receive a diploma. We've had graduates over age 60 and they are still in practice today!
What if I need financial assistance?
Work-study scholarships, VA educational assistance & NE & IA Workforce assistance are options for those who qualify. There is NO reason that you cannot attend due to finances.  AW is different than any other massage school in that, our financial department will work with you to find a solution. AW believes "if there's a will there's a way" because anything is possible.
What steps do I need to take to begin school at AW?
First, book a massage from AW! Feel the difference. Then call us to set up an interview and tour.