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Swedish Massage
(LMT $70 / Student $45 / Advanced Intern $55)
This is a wonderful light to moderate relaxing massage. Swedish is our basic maintenance massage and is very soothing to the mental mind and nerves. This is a good choice for routine care and overall body flow and detoxification.

Deep Tissue and Rehabilitative Massage
(LMT $85 / Advanced Intern Student $55)
Advanced deeper tissue techniques are applied such as: Myofascial Therapy, Neuromuscular, Acupressure, Reflexology, PNF stretches. This is a good choice when a specific or troubled area is causing discomfort. This session can also include Swedish if a combination is preferred. Specificity is the goal here.

Hot Stone Massage Add on
Full Body add $25 / Partial area $15
This is a wonderful lighter massage that allows detoxification and impurities to be removed from the body. As the soothing smooth hot stones glide over your body, the warmth melts the lotion creating a velvety feel on the skin. Stress melts away thru out the massage. The hot stones create a "pulling" effect that detoxifies the body as the warmth of the stones gently iron out the bands and knots in the muscles. It's a wonderful way to balance, reset and ground by staying in present moment instead of thinking about the past or future.

Sports Massage 
(LMT $70 / Advanced Intern $55)
If you are into any type of sport, this massage is a must before and after your sporting events. This is a more specific advanced massage directed towards improvement of recovery, enhancing athletic performance, injury recovery, or preparation for events. Often the deeper tissue techniques are used: such as, PNF stretching and MFR therapy.
Pregnancy Massage
(LMT $70 / Advanced Student $55)
Mom's deserve to feel like a queen. So at AW you get treated as such! Finally rest on a specialized pregnancy massage table that's comfortable and designed specifically to support your belly while lying prone (face down). Mother’s-to-be can receive pregnancy massages during all stages of pregnancy safely and comfortably with a qualified AW therapist. The excess weight of carrying a baby that the back, neck and feet go through during pregnancy creates a tremendous amount of stress not only for the body but the mind. There can be a tendency for fluid to build up and also mood changes like depression may occur. Mother's may find getting a massage immediately after recovery from the baby's birth can assist the hips in returning back to their original shape from the hip expansion that takes place when giving birth.
Couple's Massage
(LMT $70 / Student $45 / Advanced Intern $55)
Want to be in the same room to enjoy a massage with a friend or loved one? When booking two appointments you can request to be placed in the same room to share your special day together.

Affordable add-ons to your therapy session. (Call for pricing).
Salt Glow,  Hydrotherapy,
Hot pack, Aromatherapy oil,
Foot bath, Paraffin wax for hands and/or feet, Russian Steam Sauna, and Chair Massage

            Intuitive Training & Therapy Sessions with Stephanie:
            (See her website for current info at
            First Time Intuitive Session $150 / Revisits $85
            LMT Massage / Reiki, SHUE or Energy Therapy Sessions $85 hr
Stephanie Albright, LMT is an instructor at AWSM and offers therapy and clairvoyant readings. For over 18 years her sessions and classes have benefited thousands of persons in creating enhanced life experiences.